11 Most Effective Yoga Poses To Increase Height


Here is a list of 11 best asana of yoga for increasing height and build your personality. Yoga is an effective host for many types of problems, height is one among them. Yoga will help you to increase your height without any side effect.

Yoga helps to increase your heights at different levels. Yoga controls breathing and create suppleness in the spine when your body is in full range of motion. This breathing relieves the stress and hence tenses up your muscles on the back. This removes all types of possible growth obstacles. These yoga poses helps your spine to become upright and hence increases the height.

1. Sun salutation or Surya Namaskar:

This is the oldest yoga pose. Surya Namaskar has been practised since centuries. Sun salutation consists of 12 powerful asanas or postures in a single set. This asana is being practised for a number of reasons like it maintains the body shape and helps to keep the mind fresh and lastly practising this yoga increases height as well.

2. Wheel pose or Chakrasana:

Chakrasana also known as wheels pose. No matter whatever your age is, this yoga is extremely helpful for increasing height. This asana involves bending over either in the backwards direction or forward direction. As a result, this yoga posture helps in increasing body flexibility and elasticity of the spinal cord. Both these factors lead to the growth of height.

3. Dog pose:

This asana is also known as Adho Mukh Svanasana. It is a very easy yoga for increasing height. This asana resembles with the posture of a dog and hence the name dogs pose.

4. Cat pose:

Same like the dog pose there is a cat post which is also known as Bidalasana. To get an enviable height your must try this pose. This helps in the expansion of cartilage disc that is present in the centre of your spinal cord and hence leads to increase in height.

5. The bound angle posture:

This is that one miracle yoga for increasing height that not only increase height but also keeps the body comfortable. This yoga stretches the whole body which leads to the expansion of limbs and hence effectively increase height.

6. Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana:

This yoga for increasing height works on body abs, lower back muscles and upper back muscles. This asana helps to cut the fat around the stomach. This is the best asana that is recommended by Yog Guru “Baba Ramdev” for increasing height.

7. Triangle pose or Trikonasana:

Trikonasana also known as triangle pose is the best yoga for increasing height. All you need for this yoga is a proper body balance. Be straight and keep your eyes open while performing this yoga.

8. Runner’s lunge:

This is exactly an exercise rather than a yoga pose. This is very easy and effective yoga for increasing height. This yoga pose will work on the middle portion of the body and hence helps to maintain a proper body shape. This exercise keeps proper stress on your buttocks.

9. Extended side angle posture:

The extended side angle posture stretch the lats and helps you to look well developed and tall. This yoga for increasing height not only helps you to get tall but rather is proved to be the best instant relief for all those people who are suffering from side pains. Practising this yoga daily also helps you to keep stress away and increase your height.

10. Mountain pose or Tadasana:

Tadasana means mountain in Sanskrit. This is one effective yoga for increasing height if practised daily.  This yoga posture has many physical and mental benefits.

11. Revolved triangle pose or Parivrrta Trikonasana:

It is just the reverse of triangle pose. In this asana, your body will deform a shape of an inverted triangle. This pose helps to strengthen the back and lower back of the body. All these positions result into increase in height.


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