Can Using Ankle Weights Increase My Height

“There has been some Internet speculation going around that cite ankle weights as the best way to grow taller. To get taller and gain height, there is no single miracle method. Instead a combination approach will guarantee that you will have the highest advantage to grow some inches. Ankle weights are a great addition to a routine and work by adding resistance to your exercises, increasing the force working on your body.

Ankle weights can be bought in many fitness places, and are attached above the ankle near the Achilles tendon and lower shin. Ankle weights function by adding resistance to your body, so that you have to focus a spurt of energy to achieve movement. The pushing back on resistance is what stimulates natural human growth hormone to be released from the pituitary gland. To maximize this hormone release, add weights to a sprinting routine. Both these activities force the body into repeat rest/action intervals that promote continuous waves of HGH release.

The weights can also be used in combination with bar hanging, pull-ups, stretching and air kicks. Further, they are a great addition to your other fitness goals. Not just to get taller, but also to strengthen other muscle groups, the weights work to force the body to exert more pressure.”


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