Does Swimming Help to Increase the Height


Does Swimming Help to Increase the Height

 Did you ever wonder at some point in time whether swimming as one of the spine stretching exercises help to increase the height or not?

Well, there isn’t any scientific proof of the true of swimming to grow taller however there isn’t any evidence of this as false believes either. Now, let’s look further about this swimming idea.

Swimming like other cardio exercises is great to boost your energy and keep you in top shape. It enlarges the capacity of your lungs and widens your chest and shoulders. It works and activates your hands, legs and whole body thus stretching your spine and the entire muscle groups.

There’re so many different swimming styles such as butterfly, crawl, breaststroke, dog paddle, snorkeling, backstroke, etc. Among those styles, breaststroke is probably the style that stretches your body the most when you do it properly. And for this reason, many people considered breaststroke as the best swimming style to increase the height.

Breaststroke is one of the easiest swimming styles for beginner but it’s also the most difficult stroke in competitive swimming. It is a swimming style where you swim on your breast. You do it by striking your legs in one way and at the same time stretching your arms the other way. This is why it will really stretch and lengthen your body especially the spine.

If you’re still in your growth phase, swimming normally will increase your height as anytime you stretch your spine and body properly you already help the proper growth of your body. Besides, swimming is probably one of the best stretching exercises to increase height despite of so many stretching exercises available on the net. On the other hand, if you’re already an adult then you still might gain some extra height from a fraction of a centimeter to 1 or 2 cm depending on your condition.

Don’t forget to eat enough mix of protein and carbohydrates before and after you swim to get the most result from your swimming as applied to any other exercises.

Finally, swimming not only helps the proper growth of your body, it also reduces the risk of backbone deformation, improves posture, increases fitness level and promotes better health. So, even if you are an adult thus the possibility to increase your height by swimming or other spine stretching exercises is very little, you’ll still benefited from it.


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