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In the following article will discuss how you can height increase your body of 5-10 cm in a natural way, not with drugs.

Many studies in the world, which clearly says that growth will cease when the body reaches 21 years of age, and for people who need short resigned because he could not to height increase. But I never agreed with that. Not ever. Take it easy, still very much an opportunity and a way for you who want to height increase. So how? Of course I did not lie to help your height increase. The trick, by setting nutritional foods you eat, do physical exercises, and establish regular sleep patterns until you are 30 years old. Yes. Height increase is influenced by lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can be a solution for you to height increase. It can increase the height of at least 5-10 cm in a natural way.

Height increase with Sprint

Sprint is a lightweight sports activities that can be done by anyone. Sprint is very useful to height increase. Trust me, Sprint is able to improve the performance of growth hormone. Emphasis on the leg muscles that occurs continuously during the sprint will be able to maximize your muscle and bone lengthening. But you also have to remember that this exercise should not be done too often because it can give an adverse effect, causing swelling of the muscles and tendons. Do it wisely. I advise you not to do the sprint in the concrete. Why? Because the result will not be maximal. Do sprints on the floor or grass, then you have made a successful move to height increase.

Height increase with Kick

Stand up. You try to stand up, stretch your legs and lift one leg, then do the movement kick. Repeat what you did last for a minimum of 10 times your right foot, then repeat at least 10 times to your left foot. Make a habit of doing this exercise every day when you have free time. This exercise is effective to height increase because it can extend the thigh and shin bones naturally.

Height Increase with Jump

For you, stand facing the high table approximately as high as your feet. Then do the jumping movement past your table. Do it over and over again. If you’ve started to feel tired then rest for a moment.

Height Increase with Cycling

Cycling? Yes. Cycling. When we cycled toes then we will definitely reach the pedals regularly and continuously. This condition allows you to do two leg stretches that could eventually make your feet become longer again. For those of you who are less happy cycling, you better start getting used to cycling. Cycling about 10 minutes or 20 minutes is enough for you. Cycling to the one you like will make you better enjoy your cycling activity. If done regularly every day, can quicker height increase.

Height increase With Swim

You like to swim? Outdoor sports are very beneficial for health. One benefit is that it can increase height. Outdoor sports can make our body always fresh and be more flexible. Movement of the hands and feet while swimming can make our hands and feet become healthier and more regularly to height increase. Do this exercise with a style you like at least 20 minutes.

Height Increase with Jump Rope

Jump rope. In my country, Indonesia, jumping rope is a traditional game that we did as a child. Very fun. It turns jumping rope can also height increase. Perform this exercise while accompanied by music. Turn on the music you love. More important if you choose the songs are upbeat. Do this exercise as much as 300 times. Do it every day.

Height Increase with Swinging

Swinging. Swinging by utilizing anchoring, it could be a high doors, or equipment that belongs to you. If you do not have it can buy at sporting goods stores. First of all you have to stand up position, then swing your body. Position your feet can be in a state bent, it could be straight. In this exercise, the important thing is how your body can be comfortable, do not push yourself. Perform this exercise at least 15 times a day.

Height Increase with Free Hand

Standing upright in the room which was quite spacious. Pull your breath. Raise your arms to shoulder height and position. Push hands as far as possible, then released. Do it many times. Inhale again. Position the hand again. Then, lift your heels while standing on tiptoe, release the breath. Repeat many times. Inhale again. Raise your arms over your head. Swing to the circumferential direction while release of breath. Repeat many times.



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