Height is an important factor for everyone whether it is a male or a female. It has been analyzed that taller people are more confident than the shorter ones. So, height is a factor which affects our self-confidence. Most of us would have seen that shorter people were teased of their short height, mostly in schools. The student or anyone else can get frustrated which can result in other diseases such as inferiority complex, anxiety, short tempered etc. The height factor affects mental health as well.

There can be enormous reasons for why height is an important factor; however here are some common reasons for the same:

    • Taller height is important for some specific job such as defense that has criteria over the minimum height the candidate should have. And due to shorter height aspirants get rejected irrespective of their caliber.
    • When people see a taller person, it affects good impression over the crowd and taller people gets much attention than the short heighted people.
    • If any individual wants to choose modelling as a profession. But, due to shorter height he/she cannot get an opportunity.
    • Shorter people, especially males, find it difficult to get engaged in relationship and they face rejections due to shorter height. However, this problem is with females also.
    • Psychologically, taller people are more successful than shorter people in their jobs.

Some of the reasons for shorter height are:

    • Shorter height can be due to genes as height of the parents can be shorter and as a result child is also short heighted.
    • Growth hormones may not be generated properly.

We provide solutions for gaining the height irrespective of the underlying problem by using acupressure therapy for the height gain. In acupressure some specific points are stimulated to remove any blockages in increasing the height. There are around 10 points on each hand which are stimulated using acupressure machine and toned with the help of magnets. In this therapy no medicine is used and thus has no side effects.


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