Is Surgery a Viable Option For Height Growth


Is Surgery a Viable Option For Height Growth

There is no easy answer to this question. Yes, there is surgery available to induce your bones to grow. Yet, this surgery is not a simple procedure; it has complications, risks and long-term effects on the body. Most popular, is the Ilizarov technique that is used on some medical cases to increase limb length. Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov, a surgeon who first successfully performed the procedure, developed it. The surgery works on the premise of the power of healing and the “theory of tensions.”

A stainless steel rod with pins is attached to the leg, with rings that have adjustable nuts. The bone is medically broken in certain parts and the apparatus distributes tension to control bone regeneration. Just as a broken bone heals, this surgery widens the break between bones so that the connective tissue has to connect further to heal. This slowly adds height to the bones. The nuts in the machine are adjusted up to four tines a day so that the bone re-grows further apart each time. The rate of growth is usually around one millimeter a day. So far, this surgery is mostly used to correct bones that have grown twisted and give the patient pain.

What are the side effects of undergoing the Lizarov Surgery?

The reason this surgery is very selectively used is due to the many side effects. As for any procedure, a patient has to have a clean bill of health to proceed. They must be evaluated for their physical, emotional and psychological health. A doctor is the only professional that should make that decision. As a foreign metal is being introduced to flesh, the risk of infection is there. The wound site must be treated with care with thorough cleaning. This is why when choosing this surgery research should be done on the medical facility where it is performed.

A good medical facility will often take swabs of different places and send it for testing to a lab. If an infection is discovered, a round of antibiotics is immediately prescribed. Another side effect of the surgery is pain. The surgery is very arduous and involves extending the healing time of fractures. Pain is often common and an intensive reaction, that is treated with prescription painkillers. After proper healing, a second surgery is needed to remove the stainless steel apparatus from the leg. After which, a course of physical therapy is needed to adapt the changes in your body. Scarring is another side effect to consider. When considering this route, common concerns are the financial cost to proceed and the time an individual must leave their responsibilities due to a loss of mobility.

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