Is there a possibility that my short height is caused by a health disorder


Is there a possibility that my short height is caused by a health disorder

Yes, there is a chance that your lack of height is the symptom of a different health concern. Many children develop at different rates, so it is entirely normal for a child to enter puberty at a later stage. Further, the influence of genetic predisposition also allows children to develop shorter height if that runs in their family. Yet when a child, despite optimal nutrition and rest, has stopped showing any rate of growth – there is cause to consult a physician. Many doctors are able to run blood tests and do bone scans to check for any conditions that stunt growth.

Many growth-related disorders are endocrine in nature (involving the regulation of chemical hormones in the body). An excess of deficit will disrupt the balance of the body and negatively influence other biological processes. The most direct disorder related to height is growth hormone deficiency. The hormone, responsible for normal growth, is not being released at normal levels by the pituitary gland. Similarly, hypothyroidism negatively effects bone growth through a malfunctioning thyroid gland that does not produce enough thyroid hormone. A thorough doctor will also check for Turner’s syndrome in females. A missing or mutated X chromosome that blocks the normal developmental growth of height and sexual maturation causes this disorder.

What treatments are available for health-based short height

A doctor is the only one that is able to prescribe treatment for any individual health diagnosis. Traditionally, the way to treat short height as a symptom is to address the root health cause. An individual suffering from a deficiency of a certain hormone can be given manufactured hormone medication to balance the body. Surgery can also be performed on hormonal glands to correct malfunction. Occasionally when the disorder has already suppressed height, growth hormone injections can be given. These injections promote bone growth in individuals with Turner syndrome and other immune system disorders that impact height. Results vary and growth is not always obtained quickly. Injections must always be prescribed by a doctor and not obtained through other means as these products are often dangerous and ineffective.

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