Short Height Wife – Problems In Intercourse


Short Height Wife – Problems In Intercourse

Of course not! not all men and women husband wife or girls on this¬†sphere¬†are equal in height and width. The best couple could be one who have similarity at least in their physique. Therefore; in different societies, a couple is arranged with parallel physical characteristics. In western societies on account of climate and weather, men and women boy and girls, husband and wife are found taller, not necessarily but most of the time. On the other hand in Asia, they are not too much taller in majority. The good height of a woman or a girl considered in eastern culture is above 5.5 feet. Those women or girls who are less then that may also don’t have enough problems with sexual relations or in other words sexual satisfaction if they are coupled with giant grooms.

It could be possible that initially a husband may find some difficulty during intercourse or penetration, with wife or even with foreplay, I have used the word husband deliberately since in our society sex play is considered the sole game of husband and wife remains silently passive through out. However; as the nature is so sympathetic and a good teacher. A man learns naturally even with the help of any tutor, how to proceed this important work of marital project.

Science has made Sexology, an art. Many methods has been described and invented in order to fulfill the ever emerging demands of human nature and psychology for his or her sexual needs. A lot of positions and methods are now well known with which a man or a woman can get extreme pleasure in the play of love when they act as a husband and wife of each other.


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