Top 10 Stretching Exercises To Increase Your Height


Top 10 Stretching Exercises To Increase Your Height

1. Stretches:


Stretching helps the muscles of the body to extend and is one of the most popular exercises to increase height. Stretching exerts pressure on the growing points of the body, which allows the body to grow taller. These exercises can be done as frequently as needed, but to have a noticeable height increase, it is recommended that this is done for at least fifteen minutes a day, twice a day, or even oftener.

2. Swimming:


Swimming utilises all the muscles in the body and provides it with a complete workout. It pulls on the tendons of the calves, thighs, upper arm and the abdomen. This has been known to effectively cause height gain. Moreover, swimming also tones the muscles in the body and makes you fitter and faster. The Breast Stroke, in swimming, is recommended for height increase as it utilises the leg and arm muscles which help the body grow faster. This stretching exercise to increase height can be recommended to anyone in any age group.

3. Cobra Pose:


This is a yoga asana which helps create a pull on the muscles and stretches the body lengthwise. To do this asana, you need a yoga mat. Lie prostrate on the yoga mat. The chest and stomach should be on the floor. Stretch out your arms and place them on your side beside your head. Then, try to rise on the hands. Place the pressure evenly on both the hands. Then try to stretch the body as much as you can and hold the pose. This can be repeated at 2 minute intervals.

4. Basketball:


Basketball is one the sports that exercises all the muscles and helps in growth. It integrates jumping, which helps in muscle growth by increasing muscle tension. It also helps in increasing focus and blood supply to various parts of the body.

5. Vertical Bend:


To do this exercise, stand on the ground with your legs placed slightly apart. Then try to bend down and touch your toes. While doing this, try not to bend your knees. This asana helps to flex the spine and in turn helps in growth.

6. Leg Kick:


This is actually a move from Tae Kwon Do. This is a defensive move but helps increase height. To do this, stand on the ground with feet slightly placed apart. Then, balling up your energy, kick out without moving your thighs.

7. Vertical Hanging:


This is the simplest exercise and the most common. Hanging from a rod helps extend the spine and causes height gain. This also helps to tone the arm muscles.

8. Skipping:


Skipping helps in height increase as it involves jumping. A skipping rope is all you need for this exercise.

9. Inversion Table:


To do this exercise, hang upside down from the “inversion table” gym equipment. This strengthens your torso.

10. Standing Vertical Stretch:


To do this exercise, stand on your toes with feet placed apart and lift your body on them. This helps in toning calf muscles too.

These stretching exercises for increasing height, if done regularly, will gradually increase your height. Along with a proper diet, and good nutrition, these exercises will also boost your immunity and facilitate growth of the body.


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