Understanding The Height Growth Process


Understanding The Height Growth Process

Growth is determined by a wide range of factors, of which countless studies have been conducted about.

While most people are under the impression that genetics is the biggest reason, this isn’t necessarily the case and the general health and wellness of a person is also known to affect your average height.

However, let’s analyze exactly how growth occurs. While it is influenced by a whole set of determinants (of which many dissertations could probably be formed on), we should point out that it occurs primarily because of the lengthening of bones.

This lengthening is orchestrated by the famous human growth hormone – meaning that our height is effectively influenced by chemicals.


Of course, the story is much more complex than this and it should go without saying that not everyone experiences the “perfect” growth cycle.

Something that can hinder the process is when bone tissue struggles to grow. This isn’t a problem related to hormones; this is the next stage in the process where all of the determinants have been set and the body just isn’t conforming like it should.

This should not come as a surprise as most of our linear growth comes via cartilage, which gradually ossifies and eventually forms hard bone.

This growth tends to occur around long bones and when one considers the fact that the legs make up about half of our total height, if we do suffer any bone-related problems it stands to reason that our overall height is going to be affected immensely.


Therefore, it is almightily important for everyone to retain healthy bone tissue to ensure that ossification occurs smoothly and our bones are allowed to develop as seamlessly as possible.

This is one of the reasons why bone supplements have hit the market with such a furor over the last few years, with Heightole XL capsule arguably being one of the leaders in the industry at the present time.


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