What is the relationship between height and exercise


What is the relationship between height and exercise

“Height is a complex formula of many factors and parameters. It is difficult to isolate one single factor and determine the impact on height. Much research is done on a molecular level on tissue samples or on a larger scale in animal experiments. Human trials to isolate very specific factors for height have ethical implications as a researcher would need to start from the age of birth and onwards.

So the precise extent of the impact of exercise on height is unknown. Yet, from the research gathered it is shown that animals that exercise end up with longer bones. Exercise is known to stimulate the release of both human growth hormone and testosterone, which is instrumental to growth development. Research is also pointing to the connection that an early start to exercise allows the body a natural progression of growth periods. Of course there is the myth that exercising too much will lead to a stunting of growth.

This belief is largely false, as the body requires physical activity to activate puberty and to stay healthy. Of course, an increase in exercise requires an appropriate level of dietary nutrition to accompany it. People see a lack of height, when they are not consuming the protein and nutritionally dense calories to sustain high levels of movement.”


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