Why Increase Height?


Have you ever been under the impression that taller people have it easier in life than the short people?

It comes as no wonder that the short people are continually looking for ways to increase height. In history it was also assumed that tall people make way better leaders than short people.

In recent years, research has been done on the reactions of people to short people as compared to tall people, wit all factors remaining equal apart from the height factor.

It was found that tall people were found more attractive especially in men, women almost always prefer taller men, in the fashion industry the essence of beauty is brought out by tall models as opposed to short ones who almost never model, not unless there is something particularly special about them.

At the work place it is very common to see women wearing high heeled shoes all in an effort increase height. It is much easier for women to appear taller than they actually are, as opposed to men.

It is estimated that taller men actually earn more than men who vertically challenged.

So how to gain height?

There are some methods that people use to increase height using natural healthy methods.

These include doing specific exercises that will not cause the body to bulge out making the person appear as tall as they are wide.

Swimming is another healthy way that the body remains trim and gives the illusion of height, for both men and women.

To crease an illusion of height as opposed to actually trying to grow taller physically is another option that people can use to increase height. This can be achieved by changing your wardrobe.

Short people should wear stripped clothes and better still the stripes should be vertical.

This is to ensure that from the perspective of a person looking at them, they will appear more elongated.

Another way is by wearing neat fitting outfits as opposed to wearing baggy loosely fitting clothes. These only go a long way in making someone look short.

For ladies who wish to get taller, one of the things that they should consider is loosing weight.

Regular exercise helps in giving a better body posture and this is essential in Increasing Height or giving and illusion of height.

This is due to the muscles being strengthened by the regular exercises. Standing and sitting positions are also crucial in forming of body posture.

Hairstyle should be considered to be able to give the desired appearance.

This is because some hairdos especially the ones where the hair falls around the face creating and illusion of a hidden face only work against the short person.

To grow taller one should try to look slim, bright and confident.


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